About the Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board’s authority is derived from the Agricultural Service Board Act. Section 3(4) of the Act states that the board must exercise on behalf of Council all the powers and perform all the duties that are conferred on it by Council, under this or any other enactment, with respect to agricultural matters.  All policy changes and expenditures must be approved by Council.


The purpose of the Agricultural Service Board, as described in Section 2 of the Agricultural Service Board Act, are:

  • to act as an advisory body and to assist the Council and the Minister, in matters of mutual concern,
  • to advise on and to help organize and direct weed and pest control and soil and water conservation programs,
  • to assist in the control of animal disease under the Animal Health Act,
  • to promote, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agriculture with a view to improving the economic viability of the agricultural producer, and
  • to promote and develop agricultural policies to meet the needs of the municipality.

Agricultural Service Board

Agricultural Service Board members will be appointed annually by a resolution of Council at Council's annual organizational meeting.

As per Section 3(3) of the Agricultural Service Board Act, the membership of the Board must include persons who are familiar with agricultural concerns and issues and who are residents of the Municipality.

Voting members shall include: Four (4) members-at-large; and Four (4) members of Council.


Simon Amting - Agricultural Fieldman

Lori Witts Member at large
Larry Chernuka Member at large
Larry Wallin Member at large
Aaron Young Member at large / Deputy Chair
Nick vanRootselaar Councillor / Chair
Stan Bzowy Councillor
Tony Van Rootselaar Councillor
Elaine Garrow Councillor