Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and construction of municipal infrastructure. The department coordinates municipal projects and operations, including but not limited to:

  • Construction and maintenance of the municipal roadway system
  • Bridge construction and maintenance
  • Dust control, gravelling of roads, snowplowing, sign installation and repairs
  • Maintenance of municipal facilities

Dust Control

Residents may apply for dust control on an annual basis each Spring. Calcium Chloride is used at a rate of 2.5 litres per square meter, subsidized at 50% by the Municipality. Applications are made prior to the end of May. Please submit the following application to the MD office or contact the MD office for more information:

Dust Control Application

Snow Plowing 

The following residents are eligible for snowplowing services:

Seniors – $125.00 plus G.S.T.

Handicapped Persons – 125.00 plus G.S.T.

Spouses of Seniors and/or Handicapped Persons – $125.00 plus G.S.T.

Dependants of Seniors and/or Handicapped Persons – $125.00 plus G.S.T.

If you wish to purchase this service, you must fill-out the following Hold Harmless Agreement:

Hold Harmless Agreement

The Municipality does not wish to compete with local private industry contractors that offer these services. Private contractors are able to perform the service in a more timely manner than the Municipality as public roadways are the first priority of the Public Works Department. A list of local private contractors who perform snowplowing services can be found below:

Snow Removal Services - Private Contractor List

For seniors seeking financial assistance to cover the cost of snow removal, the Alberta Seniors Benefit information sheet as well as the application form is attached. Please see below for the informational booklet and application form:

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors - Informational Booklet 2023

Seniors Financial Assistance Application

Approach & Culvert Requests 

To request an approach and/or culvert please fill-out the following request form:

Approach / Culvert Request Form

Rural Address Signs 

All residential and commercial developments with an access point to a public municipal road must be assigned a rural address and have it posted at the access point. Please contact the office regarding new/replacement rural address signs.

Oilfield Activity

To apply for a Pipeline Crossing, Approach Approval, Proximity, Temporary Workspace, etc. please send request to:

Attention Dave Johnson

Please see the below Schedule of Fees that lists the fees for each agreement:

Schedule of Fees - 2022


In the event of an Emergency Call out of Municipal Equipment please call in the following order:

Dave Johnson, Public Works Supervisor- (780) 864-9600

Dion Hayden, Assistant Public Works Supervisor - (780) 500-9339

Commonly asked for Policies & Forms

PWS.03 Private Lane Snow Plowing & Maintenance

PWS.05 Construction of Approaches and Extensions

PWS.15 Farmstead Dust Control

Dust Control Application

Snow Removal Services - Private Contractor List

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors - Informational Booklet 2023

Seniors Financial Assistance Application